Why I suggest coach session and what is the result?

Почему я рекомендую коуч-сессии и какие результаты это приносит?

In order to explain what results have coach sessions lets at firsts who is a coach. Coach is a trainer, instructor and tutor. It is a person who introduces you new knowledge and skills and pushes you to study something new and important. The word “coach” was borrowed from sports terminology (1974), when every great athlete has a coach who motivates and leads them to victory.


How to respond to question “How much do you earn? In order not to offend a person?

Как ответить на неловкий вопрос: «Какая у тебя зарплата?» так, чтобы не обидеть?


We often feel emberraced when some ask us “what is your salary?”, “when you’re getting married?”, “what for are you going to take the car, even if the do not have apartment?” etc. Why do people believe that they can climb in our personal lives, asking inappropriate questions, and we are thus still manage to feel emberraced?


Exercise for concentration development!

Exercise for concentration development!Before you can see words written in different colors.

Try to name quickly the color in which the word is written. Do not read the word, just call the color. Initially, this exercise is very difficult to perform, because different brain hemispheres respond as for the perception of the text and colors. This exercise helps to establish new links between the hemispheres, helps the brain work more efficiently and well coached concentration and attention switching.

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