TOP 10 Films About Stout-Hearted Women

On the eve of March 8, for inspiration and motivation, plans and goals for the nearest future, I would like to represent to your attention a selection of 10 films about stout-hearted women.

“The Age of Adaline” (2015)

How is it to outlive your beloved? What is it never to grow old, to prohibit yourself to become intimate with other person and constantly move from place to place so that no one knows your secret? How is it to see your daughter getting older, and know that she will die before you do?

“Grace of Monaco” (2014)

It is autobiographical film about the love between famous Hollywood star Grace Kelly and Monaco’s Prince Rainier III. Grace Kelly was not only beautiful but talented and wise. Grace of Monaco had to refuse the gloss of Hollywood life, in favor of the moderate style, aristocratic life, exquisite charity balls and receptions. A fairy-tale princess’ life was not so sweet as it seemed to be.

“Still Alice” (2014)

Alice Howland is a linguistics professor at Columbia University. She is happy with her husband and they have three adult children. But everything changed as only Alice’s memory begins to fade due to the progressive Alzheimer’s disease. The film won Oscar for Best Actress.

“Pope Joan” (2009)

Vatican sacrificed the history which was kept in secret by the Catholic Church more than thousand years. Although the official Vatican has not yet recognized the fact that a women remained on the Holy See for almost two years, there are still legends about her till now.

814 Year after the Christ. Charlemagne dies on January 28. On the same day John was born. She was an incredible woman who was ready to sacrifice for the sake of her personal destiny.

“The Devil Wears Prada” (2006)

Modest provincial girl with a poor sense of style (Anne Hathaway) takes a job as an assistant to the most influential and she-devil woman in the fashion world Miranda Priestly. Meryl Streep two-time winner of the Oscar played this role. How to keep a job, come to common terms with the director-woman, without losing your own dignity – these are the questions that the heroine will face with.

“Mona Lisa Smile” (2003)

1953 is a of women’s struggling for their rights in America. At the same year Katherine Ann Watson took a position teaching “History of Art” at Wellesley College. However, patriarchal views on women’s role in the world are dominated among the executive and teaching staff there.

“The Lion in Winter” (2003)

During Christmas 1183 old King Henry II had to nominate the successor. King’s wife Eleanor of Aquitaine, who spent ten years in prison for participating in a conspiracy against the monarchy, the Mistress of the King, a vain princess Ale, her brother, the King of France Philip II Augustus, and the three sons of Henry II: Richard the Lionheart, Geoffrey and John came to this event. Only hatred for each other and the thirst for power join them.

“Мalena” (2000)

Malena is a beautiful widow, men’s obsession and envy of all women. Wives dish the dirt about her but husbands hang her on the rear.

“Stepmom” (1998)

10 years old Anna and her 16 years old brother Ban met Isabel, new girlfriend of their divorced father. Isabel tries hard to make Anna and Ben feel comfortable and happy with her. Jackie, their true mother does all her best not to permit this. It is an amazing story about two stout-hearted women who strive toward happiness and desire to make other happy.

“G.I. Jane” (1997)

Lieutenant of Armed Service Committee Jordan O’Neil receives an invitation for the interview for the position of Secretary of the Navy. Senator Lillian DeHaven (Anne Bancroft) from Texas criticizes the Navy for not being gender-neutral. Behind the curtains, a deal is struck: If women compare favorably with men in a series of test cases, the military will integrate women fully into all branches of the Navy. Jordan does all her best to demonstrate men that women are not the weaker sex.


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