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Coach session what is it?

Coach session is a conversation between the coach and the client in pleasant and inviting atmosphere.  Constructive dialogue, correct questions and coaching methodology approach the client to the desired goal. All these help client find solutions to the challenge and settle the issue in any sphere of life.  Coach sessions take place in comfortable for the client atmosphere. It may be in coach’s office, café, by phone, via Skype etc. The main prerequisite for successful coach session is good humor and desire to solve the issue.

Sometimes I have clients that do not have problems but they still resort to help. Such people have aching void, feel stumped and deadlock in relations. In this case we together find and set a target. Never does coach condemn. He/she always looks ahead and aims at result. You can firmly be sure in my decency and confidentiality.

You approach your goal on our own. My task is only help you to do it quickly and effectively. I only pay your attention to things that you fail to notice.  I always used to say a problem shared is a problem halved.

Coach can motivate.

Duration: from 15 minutes to 1 hour

Minimum suggested coach sessions are 10, once or twice per week.

Coaching is a process which contributes towards mounting needs and habits change. Thanks to it people find a new lease of life. After one-two sessions the client can feel rewarding results. But it is very important in a state of euphoria not to quit working with the coach, as solution could be found, but challenge have not been met yet. Do not miss the possibilities to meet with coach. Try to get into the habit. You will need time for it.

Monthly Program “Decision is to be!”

Program “Decision is to be!” is online coach session (via Skype, Viber, Whats App or social network) for one month. It is emergency aid. Coach doesn’t condemn, doesn’t go down a memory lane and doesn’t pry into things you do not want to talk about. Coach is aimed at the result. Coach believes in you and does all the best for your motivation! Do you need to resolve a problem? Or maybe you need to fish or cut bait? Maybe you have to lose weight and you have only one month and lack of motivation? I will be at your disposable and have a pleasure to help!

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